Too Much Togetherness

Do you Know the Hidden Dangers of Retirement?
Are You Psychologically Prepared for Retirement As A Couple?
How Close or Separate Can You Be?


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Staying happily married in retirement may be the most difficult challenge to hit the Boomer generation since the Sexual Revolution…yet no one is taking about the problems or the cure. Until now.

Retirement has been viewed as a reward for years of work, a time to relax, travel, spend time with loved ones and perhaps even reinvent one’s self. But for the millions of couples approaching retirement, the issue of preserving identity and self while maintaining the partnership of a marriage requires an understanding of the change in relationships and roles that come with it. Too many couples have forgotten what it means to live together without the distractions of children and careers. The number of divorces for couples married many years continues to rise, and retirement is often the reason.

Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement as a Couple, by Miriam Goodman, is a handbook for preparing for a meaningful retirement without destroying a marriage. Readers will find they are not alone in their anxiety and discover ways to deal with the expectation of partners, adult children and friends. The book looks at such questions as:

Is retirement a curse or a blessing?

How can we avoid the problems that sabotage the most loving relationships?

Can we seek new challenges without disrupting our “couple-ness”?

Has who makes the lunch become a power issue?

Too Much Togetherness examines the retired male and finds he has changed since retirement. He has become a Ghost…silent and anti social; or a Glommer, following his wife around, jealous of any time not spent with him; or a Grumbler, complaining about the housekeeping; or the Gypsy, anxious to travel, unable to find peace at home; or the General, demanding, ordering everyone around. Or a combination of all these. This book is the first step in helping both husband and wife find the right path for their future.

Miriam Goodman is a journalist, author, award-winning radio and television producer, and public relations consultant. She
is the author of Reinventing Retirement, and a columnist on